I'm Amy G, a townie who has recently moved to a lovely village in North Yorkshire, England. I love everything to do with houses, making mine pretty, finding a bargain or something unique. I spend my days looking at beautiful (and not so beautiful) properties as an estate and letting agent. It's such a great feeling helping someone find their new home... and along the way I can get some great inspiration for what I like and don't like for my own house.

I love owls and cats and most things fluffy and cute.

If I'm not at home I love being outside in the countryside walking and taking photos!

I'm going to show you around my house, my garden and some treats from my kitchen. I will also provide you will some moving house tips, especially useful for first time buyers and first time sellers.

You'll see my cat, Esti pop up because he doesn't leave me alone around the house, getting in all my photos!

I should probably mention the OH too. Handiest man on earth! I dream up something crazy I want doing for the house, and he makes it a reality for me :) We bought our first house 5 years ago, then sold this and bought our second nearly 2 years ago which we absolutely love so have no plans to move for a few years yet!

Love Amy G x

P.S I'm on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest too!