Tuesday, 13 October 2015

All things tartan

You don't have to be Scottish to love tartan! I'm totally obsessed, and my house is covered in the stuff, especially now all the shops seem to be selling anything and everything covered it, in every colour imaginable! 

Everyone's got to have a tartan blanket, it's a household staple! I originally bought this gorgeous purple one to stick in the back of the car boot in case of an impromptu road trip out somewhere that required one, but also to make my boot look a bit pretty too. It is from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. I mean, this has to be the go to place when you think of traditional tartan products so it's where I headed to when I decided I wanted one. I got purple as it is my favourite colour and I thought it would look nice with my silver car.

It never made it to the car! Instead it ended up on my sofa looking all pretty and cosy. I'm a big fan of throws to bring your old and plain furniture back to life, and this beautiful tartan blanket has done just that. I'm sure it will come in useful on those cold winter nights to snuggle under too.

You can find tartan in loads of shops at the moment, not just Scotland and the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. I absolutely love Matalan for home ware, you know that whatever you get there is going to be uber fashionable but also not going to break the bank! Last week I told you all about my new bedding which had a tartan reverse side to add that subtle hint of tartan goodness in to my bedroom! Well, their tartan range doesn't stop there. When I spotted this cushion at the weekend I didn't even think twice about buying it for my sofa. Before I just had a cushion that matched the sofa, it was all a bit bland and boring. This has definitely made it look a bit more exciting. 

I went tartan bold in the spare room, if you can't go style mad in there, then where can you! With relaxing dove grey walls there was a need for some colour on the duvet. I saw this set in Next and fell in love. Next are so cleaver, in one pack, you get 2 duvet covers with slightly different check patterns. This makes it great for washing day as you can get the clean set right back on the bed whilst the other is drying but also means you don't get bored of the same pattern. The spare room has no end of compliments since it's been decorated. Esti seems happy with it too which is always a good sign.

So what's next for my tartan mad house. Tartan kettle for the kitchen, tartan plates for the dining room, tartan loo roll for the bathroom maybe....? Have you seen something unusual covered in tartan that would look good in my house?

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