Tuesday, 10 November 2015


This week I thought I would begin to show you round my house starting with the lounge. I decided to start with this because over the next couple of months it is going to be having a mini face lift.

We have had a fabulous company out called Ignite+ who are going to be lining our chimney and fitting a stove. We are also going to install solid oak flooring, and get some new sofas!

We moved in to this house in February 2014 and everything in the house was fairly new and neutral, it just needed personalising. We moved all our furniture in then freshened the walls up over a weekend, with a clean lick of "Natural Hessian" paint.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


This is going to be my first blog post about buying a house. I'm going to start with how to set your budget which needs to be decided before you get excited and start heading over to Rightmove to lust over your dream house.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

The only time I ever really consider eating pumpkin is at Halloween. I guess it is the only time you really see them being sold in the shops. I love carving them to sit on my door step. But get one whilst you can, apparently there is a national shortage due to heavy rain in August!

Every year I try carve something different, but not just any old scary face. Over the last few years I've done a cat, an owl and a bat. This year I decided to go for a haunted house!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Rhubarb Gin Recipe

If you're like me and already thinking about Christmas you might want to fruit infuse some booze as a tipple to enjoy over the holiday season. Now is the perfect time to get on it because it needs a couple of months to develop.

Last year I made my own sloe gin, which went down a treat. It was perfect as little gifts in these gorgeous miniature swing top bottles I found on eBay.

I was rattling my brains of something different to sloe berries to use this year.... if you're trying to be creative, I suggest thinking about what is in season at the time, some ideas include cherries, cranberries, lemon and strawberries. Try mixing with a complimentary spice such as ginger, vanilla or nutmeg.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

All things tartan

You don't have to be Scottish to love tartan! I'm totally obsessed, and my house is covered in the stuff, especially now all the shops seem to be selling anything and everything covered it, in every colour imaginable! 

Everyone's got to have a tartan blanket, it's a household staple! I originally bought this gorgeous purple one to stick in the back of the car boot in case of an impromptu road trip out somewhere that required one, but also to make my boot look a bit pretty too. It is from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. I mean, this has to be the go to place when you think of traditional tartan products so it's where I headed to when I decided I wanted one. I got purple as it is my favourite colour and I thought it would look nice with my silver car.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cosy Bedding

Now that the nights are getting darker and colder the house is starting to feel a bit nippy when we get home from work on an evening. If you're like us (tight Yorkshire folk!) you'll be holding out on switching the heating on for just a few more weeks!

I was on the hunt for some new bedding so when I spotted this super cosy bedding in Matalan I was very excited! At £35 for a king size set it wasn't going to break the bank but I managed to find a discount code on-line anyway and got 20% off - making this purchase even more the sweeter.

It is 100% brushed cotton which makes it soooo soft and cosy, it's like a giant fleece. Matalan have a whole range of trendy duvet sets in this gorgeous fabric, just perfect for winter! We literally can't wait to get in to bed on and evening and it definitely makes getting up in the morning really difficult.